Ceramic abrasive grains for the highest demands

Tyrolit has been working with ceramic abrasive grains for more than 40 years and has acquired extensive expertise in their perfect composition and areas of application.

We understand the requirements of the abrasives industry and strive to offer the best ceramic grains and customer service on the market.

BCA abrasive grains

High performance ceramic grains for universal use

The BCA grain combines unique self- sharpening properties with a high hardness and toughness. Its self-sharpening ability drives the performance of conventional bonded and coated abrasive products to their highest levels and can therefore be used in a wide range of applications.

BCA can also be supplied with a ceramic coating (BCA-SC) to enhance the bonding of the abrasive grain into a resin matrix. The coating results in a notably improved lifetime of resin bonded and coated abrasives.

BCA-T abrasive grains

Ultra-sharp ceramic grains for aggressive grinding

BCA-T is a special ultra-sharp version of BCA abrasive grain designed for the production of high-quality coated abrasives. Sieving, bulk density and grain shape have been optimized to provide an excellent grinding and finishing performance on a wide range of different metals. BCA-T is particularly suitable for low to medium force applications.

CA-ROD abrasive grains

Rod-shaped ceramic grains for maximum stock removal

The special shape of the CA-ROD grain leads to an open structure with high porosity. In combination with the unique self-sharpening properties, this results in significantly lower specific grinding energies. The abrasive grain is particularly suited for high stock removal rate applications.

Application recommendation

Bonded abrasives

External cylindrical grindingBCA-SC BCA
Internal cylindrical grinding-BCA
Surface grindingBCA-SCBCA
Creep feed grinding-CA-ROD / BCA
Thread grinding-BCA
Gear grinding-CA-ROD / BCA
Gear honingBCABCA
Flute grindingCA-ROD / BCA-SCCA-ROD / BCA
Disc grindingBCA-SCBCA
Spring grindingBCA-SCBCA
Roll grindingCA-ROD / BCACA-ROD / BCA
Centerless grindingBCA-SCBCA
Portable cut-offBCA-SC-
Rough grindingBCA-SC-

General recommendations:
Highest stock removal rate: CA-ROD | Best surface quality: BCA | Highest resin bonded wheel life: BCA-SC


Flap discsBCABCA-SC
Fiber discs – steel, cast ironBCABCA-SC
Fiber discs – stainless steel, aluminum, copperBCABCA-T
Belts – steel, cast ironBCABCA-SC
Belts - stainless steel, aluminum, copperBCABCA-T

General recommendations:
Longest service life: BCA-SC | Excellent cutting ability: BCA-T | Universally applicable: BCA


Our promise of quality

The focus of Tyrolit abrasive grains is on product stability. We attach particular importance to ensuring that our quality standards are controlled and adhered to at every step of the process. This enables us to guarantee a high and stable product quality in the long term.

Price-performance ratio

Our goal is to offer a high-quality product at a fair price that is as readily available as possible. Thanks to the know-how built up over many years in the production of abrasives, our experts have been able to develop and optimize ceramic abrasive grains that stand out from the competition in terms of quality and thus offer considerable added value. In addition, we can support you with our experience with individual recommendations.

Short delivery times and delivery reliability

Our production facilities in Austria and China guarantee fast and reliable delivery from stock - worldwide. It is a special concern of ours to guarantee our customers delivery reliability and short delivery times. This is ensured above all by the possible storage of individual grain sizes, which can be reordered on demand.

Environmental care and social responsibility

By voluntarily committing to strict supply chain and environmental guidelines, Tyrolit customers can be confident that neither people nor our environment have been put at risk or harmed during the production and supply of our products. For products manufactured outside the European Union, our clear focus is on compliance with European standards. These include air treatment systems in all our plants, sustainable packaging materials and compliance with our Code of Conduct regarding local working conditions.


Since 1983, Tyrolit has been researching the behavior of different ceramic abrasive grains and their application in the production of abrasives. The Tyrolit grains are the result of 10 years of research and development with the aim of creating a product that stands out from the competition in terms of quality and offers considerable added value.

Our abrasive grains are developed as a close cooperation between specialists in Austria and China and a so-called "sol-gel process" is used to manufacture the products. The key to the unique grinding performance is the microstructure of the product, consisting of a mixture of alpha-alumina crystals and rare earth aluminate in the form of platelets. This microstructure is produced by firstly forming a sol-gel by dispersing boehmite and rare earths in acidified water.

The product is then dried and crushed to form the desired particle size distribution, and in the final step calcined and sintered in a controlled manner. Through the continuous optimization of the process, we have been able to create a perfect microstructure with very low porosity.


Yes. Application engineering support from our experts in Austria represents a clear competitive advantage. In this way, we can make an important contribution to designing and optimizing your processes in a cost- and quality-oriented manner.

Our product and sales specialists look forward to supporting you with individual recommendations.

About us

Tyrolit has been working with ceramic abrasive grains for more than 40 years and has built up extensive expertise on their perfect composition and possible areas of application. Since 2018, a specialized production facility in China has been manufacturing abrasive grains conforming to European standards for worldwide distribution.

This was achieved primarily through a lively exchange of knowledge between our specialists in Europe and China, whereby the product was researched and constantly optimized until it launched on the market. The result are premium abrasive grains, which are also used in our high-performance grinding wheels.


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